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The Classic Hunter is a tried and true traditional rifle with a medium weight barrel that can be used in any situation.  Long or short range hunting, paper punching; it's an all around rifle.  This rifle chambered in standard hunting calibers will make for one of the most versatile hunting rifles available.

Titanium is an excellent option for the hunter that requires an extremely lightweight rifle.  There is no need to skeletonize your receiver to reduce weight. The Titanium muzzle brake is another great option for this rifle.

CZ is an excellent receiver for the large magnums.  Itís extremely tough and has the capacity to hold 5 rounds of 375 H&H.

For an overview of the work performed on each rifle produced by Aquila, see our Accurizing Process page.


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Action: Remington, CZ
Barrel: 24" or 26"  #4 or 5 Hart or Lilja Stainless Match Medium Contour
(Contour and length depends on caliber) 
(May be additional costs for special features)
Stock: McMillan Remington BDL or HS Precision Pro Series
Click here to view color options

(May be additional costs for some options)
Trigger & Trigger Guard: Shilen Hunter (Standard Model) set at 3 lbs. with Remington Factory Trigger Guard and Fixed Magazine.  More info
Recoil Lug: Heavy Holland Stainless



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Price: $2,200.00 + Tax
(Price includes shipping) (Customer supplied action)

All Aquila rifles are delivered in a extremely durable Pelican rifle case.



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Aquila Supplied Remington $500.00
Stock Color View Options
Finish Color View Options
More Info on Gun Coating
Barrel Contour View Options
Caliber and Rate of Twist View Options
Muzzle Brake $150.00 (Add $250.00 for Titanium) More Info
Removable Muzzle Brake w/Thread Protector $200.00
H-S Precision Stainless Drop Free Magazine $210.00  More Info
Light Firing Pin and Spring $65.00
Bushed Bolt $150.00  More Info
Fluted Bolt $150.00
Extended Bolt Handle $100.00
Custom Made Bolt w/Extended Bolt Handle $195.00
Bushed Firing Pin Hole $125.00  More Info
Jewel Trigger $100.00
Alternate Action Cost to be determined
3 Position Safety $200.00
Custom Etching $50.00
Wood Stocks are Available
Right or Left Hand Action Available

To ORDER the Classic Hunter, click here to review the Ordering Process.

To BUILD YOUR OWN RIFLE, click here.

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