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Cocking Shroud





Marlin 917 

Many of our customers have asked for a tuned up Marlin 917 rifle package.  So we developed one that will fit what most shooters are demanding, an out of the box high performance 17HMR target rifle.

The factory receiver is disassembled and completely trued.  The receiver face is machined true to the bolt bore.  The end of the barrel is cut off and rechambered with a match 17HMR chamber reamer from Pacific Tool and Gauge.  After this service, the barrel and bolt are in perfect alignment with the barrel bore.  Even better accuracy can be obtained with a match grade barrel.  Call us for options.

The factory trigger is reworked so that it breaks clean and crisp at 3 lbs or less.  We can also provide a nice crisp 3lbs or less trigger pull on the T900 triggers.

Recently, we decided to do away with the barrel mounting screw and have moved it back to the receiver.  This allows the barrel to be truly floated and also provides a bedding stud.  This modification has allowed us to squeeze even further  accuracy from this rifle. The action is fully bedded and the first 1.5Ē of the barrel channel which will hold the action in precisely the same position every shot.

This service is available for most rimfire bolt action rifles.

The pic of the target is an example of the accuracy that is possible after this rework is performed.  This is a 3 shot group at 75 yards.  The rifle was clamped in a Ransom rest and the ammo was CCI 17HMR.

If youíre ready to squeeze more performance from your Marlin 917, please give us a call.


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Receiver and Barrel: Receiver is blueprinted and the barrel cut off, and rechambered.
Bolt: Bolt is trued and head spacing is corrected.
Trigger: Trigger is set at 3 lbs
Stock: Stock is bedded and  the factory screw mount is moved back to the receiver.
Finish: Machined polished (for stainless rifles) Blued rifles are refinished with a semi flat black coating. Add: $50.00 for refinishing blued rifles.

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Price: $295.00 Add: $50 to refinish blued rifles

Add $350.00 for Aquila Supplied Rifle

The 17 Hummer

I wanted to take the Marlin 917 project a little further.  So, I made a new one.

  •  Receiver machined from billet 17-4ph  stainless,

  •  Stainless Green Mountain barrel

  •  Tight match chamber

  •  Adjustable trigger

  •  Blue printed bolt

  •  Aluminum Cocking shroud

Iím really happy with this rifle and how it performance.  It shoots a ragged hole at 50 yds and looks better than the factory rifle.  The aluminum cocking shroud really smoothed out the looks of the back half of the rifle.  I will probably put a Richards Microfit stock on it later. 

 Iím not sure if it would be a marketable rifle but I knew everyone one would enjoy the highly modified 917.

To ORDER the Marlin 917, click here to review the Ordering Process.

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