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For detailed information regarding the ordering process including Placing an Order, Work Orders, Submitting an Order, Shipping, and Pricing, click one of the links below.

Order Process for a Custom Rifle

Order Process for Gun Services

General Guidelines

Aquila firearms is committed to customer service and our top priority is to ensure quality work in a timely fashion.

We have an established method procuring gun service so that your request is completed exactly to your specifications. 

Please call or e-mail me with any question you have.  Most prices for services are listed on the Price List web page.

Placing an Order

Complete a Work Order - If you require services that are not listed on the work order, I will be happy to provide you with an estimate on the cost and completion date.  Customers can also send print outs of any e-mails referring to the work needed.

If the work requires parts to be purchased by Aquila, a deposit is required for those parts.


When a down payment is required for parts, there are no refunds of the deposit once the parts have been ordered.  Any change to the original work order has to be done in writing, e-mail. Changes may require additional charges. If the new changes obsolete any of the parts that have already been ordered, they will be returned to the customer. Aquila is not liable for the cost of these parts. At the completion of the requested work, the customer will be notified and has 60 days to make FINAL payment.  After 60 days, the firearm will become property of Aquila Firearms and be subject to be sold to pay for work performed.  Since Aquila Firearms backs up its work, the customer has 30 days to inform us of anything that is not to the satisfaction of the customer and we will be happy to address any issues.  After 30 days, it will be assumed that the work was done to the customers satisfaction and will provide a quote for any work after that point.





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