"I've sworn off all other
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your work is by far the highest
quality and you do it in such
acceptable time frames! ..."

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Chris, "...That is the best looking rifle I have and it shoots like a machine. So accurate and so nice to look at! Your work is by far the best I have come by and the time you do it in is simply amazing.  Once again, Thanks so much for your work and the amount of communication you commit to. Have a good weekend! "
- Adam

I"'ve sworn off all other "custom" rifle shops cause your work is by far the highest quality and you do it in such acceptable time frames! Thanks for all your work so far. Top notch!!"

"Just wanted to say one thing "ONE RAGGED HOLE". Outstanding work on the .308. The rifle has become the comfort zone, it just doesn't miss. Got a small lizard (3") the other day at 100 yds that just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have had 5 different people shoot the rifle and they have all put it right in the bull. You ought to see the look on their faces. It just doesn't get any better than that. The first question is always who built the rifle and I am proud to tell them that the great work was done right here in my own back yard. Thanks and keep up the good work."


Chris,  "Great workmanship on the 917.  Fit and finish is bar-none!

But enough words about this...pics say more...

Decent conditions, before rework

and now for the results

crappy weird 10-45 mph winds cross/headwind/tailwind (swirling).  It took every ounce of will power to hold this group!!!!! Prone on a bipod no rear bag at 75 yards!!!

This is shot on an official usbr target.  The 10 ring is .100" and its gone!
5 shots!

Thanks again for the great work. "

Chris-"I finally got out to the range to test out my .45 colt Ruger Vaquero after having you ream the cylinder bores. A wise decision on my part, and great work on yours. It has made a great difference in my shooting accuracy, and I'm confident that the revolver is in the best condition it can be. Thanks! I'll be pleased to recommend your gun services."


"Went to the range and HOLY COW!!!! The beast shoots like a dream. I faxed you the target. I LOVE THIS RIFLE!!!!!! Very little recoil. I spent as much time bragging about the beast as I did shooting it. "


"Got the barrel in this morning.  Got to hand it to you guys, it is a beautiful piece of art work.  After you called me to let me know that the brake would have to be larger than the barrel, I was thinking it would be huge like the one on my friend's Rem 7mm Rem Mag. Then to see it this morning and to see that it was just a hair bigger than the sporter barrel was a sight to see.  You guys are truly amazing!"

"Chris, your workmanship is superb, thanks for your suggestion and attention to detail. I will pass it on."


"Chris, The barrel threading and thread protectors look great. Excellent machine work. The suppressor threads up on both with just the right amount of tightness. Not sloppy like I have seen on others. Thanks for the great work and I will recommend you to others."


"I was able to go out this weekend and get a little target practice in.  The brake made a bigger difference than what I thought it would.  Itís like shooting a 100 grain 243.  That is a big difference compared to a regular 7mm Mag.  Thanks for the good work."


"Took my newly fixed cylinder out today in my Ruger Blackhawk and it was great!  The gun seems to be even more accurate than I can shoot. Thanks for a great job and fast turnaround."

T.A. Smith

"The 10/22 shoots and handles GREAT. The comp works  great and the short barrel/comp combo makes the gun handle real nice. Job Well Done. I am going to start training with it.  Just wanted to give you a up date and say thanks for the gun."


"Quick Turn Around !! Nice Work !! Barrel Looks Great !! Thanks !"


"Very nice work on the barrel."


"Chris,  WOW!   What a group. I am still on cloud nine. I spent time on the range today getting it sighted, and making sure it was grouping well for me. My first ten shots on a National Match slow fire target off hand was a 93. The timed and rapid came in the middle 90's. Thank you so much! I was starting to think it was the shooter. It feels good when the shot goes off and I can call it every time. "


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